hey gals!just w0nderin if nicole has a tatt0o?ive seen alex's,bea's,aud's & caren's..:) and can you tell me what ur tats mean?hehe..im a super fan! love u guys!General Luna r0cks my s0cks!! \m/

Caren doesn’t have a tattoo, as well as nicole. Alex has a tattoo of a sun on her belly, and a chinese character which means family or home on her wrist. Bea has a latin phrase on her wrist and one on the back of her calf, in red ink. Audry has a memorial tat for her dad on her back, and a pocketwatch on the back of her right arm.:-)

do you all have boyfriends? Does Nicole knows how to play the piano? Do you all smoke and drink alcohol? Who else has a tattoo aside from Audry? Why is Caren not sing RJ guitar? Why are you all beautiful?

The boyfriends part, maybe we can leave that question hanging in the air? Nic does know how to play piano.. Not all of us smoke, but we definitely have a sip..or 2..or 3 or more of alcohol. ;)Bea and lex have 2 tattoos each, as well as audry. As for the last question? uhmm..hahaha.yun lang.

You guys make me want to be a better musician. :)

You saying that, makes us want to write more songs and keep doing what we do.:-) Thank you!

hello there pocketful of sunshine girls :) hehehe really enjoyed the covershoot for MC magazine. hindi ako makamoveon sa LSS. you all rock! hee hope to work w/ u again soonest.

Hahaha!! We love that song!! we had a blast at the shoot as well, it was so easy going. Hope to see you soon!

hi! watched you perform here in iloilo.. 2 days straight! you were awesome.. we were following you around like puppies! hahahaha.. hope to see more of you girls..

Sorry if it took a while to reply..We had a blast in Iloilo.:-) Thanks for coming to watch us..hope you enjoyed as much as we did..can’t wait to go back!

Capones, January 7

Big shoutout to those who came to B-side, Makati last night to catch the show:-)

For those who missed it, head over to Capones at 10, and come support our band General Luna:-)

It’ll be fun!

See you there!

Alex, are you somewhat boyish (no offense), or are you just really friggin' handsome? :-) Whatever the answer is, you go amazingly good on both ways..

alex is not your typical girl, she’d rather hold the ball than hold a pom-pom (no offense to cheerleaders).


(im asking this.. and im a girl.)

how am i gonna marry you if i don’t even know who you are? =)

Do you guys have scheduled gig in Cebu for January 2011? I really want to see you guys play live. :D

i think we’re scheduled in cebu on the 14th =)

I've been curious lately. Who particularly operates this blog? Is it Nicole, Alexis, Audry, Caren, or Bea???

all of us =) we take turns reading/answering